Why is Poker Good for Your Brain?

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Why is Poker Good for Your Brain?

In contemporary society, mental wellbeing and physical health are equally important. Surprisingly, poker can act as a method for improving analytical abilities, concentration and as a general mental stimulant.

In each round of poker, the player must constantly consider a myriad of factors, such as what style of play opponents’ use, what the previous bets were, the strength of the player’s cards, the risk that opponents have stronger cards, and the body language of opponents if poker is played at a table. This ultimately develops a poker player’s analytical abilities as each factor must be given the appropriate weight and actively considered as the round progresses.

Concentration is required by the player in order to properly assess each round of poker. Distractions and inattention can lead to missed cues, which may result in missed opportunities. The risk adverse player shall become accustomed to focusing on the round and dispelling distractions. Concentration is a cardinal mental skill as it forms the foundation for the development of all other skills, mental or physical. In a world of increasing distractions, poker can provide an enjoyable method for improving concentration and for practicing different techniques of concentration improvement.

A variety of games fall within the ambit of “poker”, however, each version adheres to specific rules which the player must know. Furthermore, players can utilise creative thought processes to develop different strategies specific to each variant of poker. Learning new rules and developing new strategies encompass mental stimulation as they are a substantial factor contributing to the general analysis of each round and the game as a whole. Open Face Chinese Poker is an increasingly popular variety of poker becoming more readily available, which demands concentration, creativity, and proper analysis. A scoring system is employed which determines the payments made to each player, and players may be heavily penalised for breaching the technicalities of the game. For new and seasoned poker players, Open Face Chinese Poker can be a challenging and rewarding mental exercise; the difficult part is getting started.