How to Quit Smoking

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How to Quit Smoking

Smoking is an easy habit to get into but a hard one to break. There are many different ways to try and break this habit in order to have a healthy lifestyle. Ideas for quitting the habit follow.

First, here are some of the basics. Potential quitters need to remain positive at all times if they plan to succeed regardless of past failures. Planning the stages and sticking to this plan is also an important aspect when it comes to quitting, and it is most needed at the point when cravings hit. Having help in the form of supportive friends, gaining non-smoker friends, and writing out the reasons to quit will all help in pushing forward to reach the quit smoking goal.

Smokers are also used to having something to do with their hands and mouth. This can be a hard habit to break, so it is important to occupy these body parts so that the muscle memory doesn’t kick in so strongly. In addition, it is important to try and figure out when it is that the cravings for nicotine actually start. This is the point when a smoker will potentially pick up another cigarette. It is also at this point that Swedish snus can help.

Snus is a little packaged form of nicotine and tobacco. It is a small pouch that is simply placed under the top lip. The skin here is very thin and the nicotine can be absorbed through this thinner membrane. When smokers can identify the moment that they begin to crave a smoke, instead of lighting up they can pop some snus into their mouth. This has, in fact, proven to be very effective in helping people quit as it provides the nicotine intake without the smoke.

At the end of the day though, whichever method works best for the individual, it is important to stick with it and persevere to the end, when one is finally a non-smoker.