Choosing snus over smokes

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Choosing snus over smokes

If you’re a smoker who is looking to give up the habit, then firstly congratulations. You already know how hard quitting can be, but the most important factor in determining success is staying positive. Many people choose to use nicotine replacement products to help them, and these have been proven to raise the chances of success by a high margin. You already know about some of the nicotine replacement products that are out there, from gum to e-cigarettes, to patches. But if you’ve never heard of snus, then read on.

The Swedish have the lowest rate of smoking in Europe: around 5%, compared with an average of 25% in the rest of the continent. Even the next lowest country, Denmark, has a rate of over 15%. How has Sweden achieved this phenomenally low rate of smoking? The answer is snus.

Snus is a little packet of flavoured tobacco which is placed under the top lip, releasing nicotine slowly into the bloodstream. Unlike dipping or chewing, it doesn’t make you need to spit. Not only that, it tastes a lot nicer than smoking and doesn’t affect people around the user. The Swedes have largely replaced cigarettes with it, which is why so few of them smoke. Many people use it as a way of quitting – you can break the physical habit first, and gradually reduce nicotine intake later.

Snus is still a tobacco product so it does come with some health risks, but they are dramatically lower than the risks associated with inhaling nicotine. Even if you don’t plan to quit, replacing cigarettes with snus is better for your health, and if you decide to quit later on then the process will be easier.

There are many great vendors of snus online – have a look around and consider trying it to see if it works for you. Your lungs will thank you for it.