Challenge yourself with Advanced Poker Strategies

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Challenge yourself with Advanced Poker Strategies

Poker is incorrectly associated with luck. As poker is played against other individuals, a player can utilise various strategies to outwit their opponents, and ought to not simply rely on randomly receiving a winning hand. One such challenging and advanced poker strategy, specific to Texas Hold’em, is referred to as “Set Mining”.

The fundamental principle of Set Mining consists of raising a pre-flop pot while holding a pocket pair, a pair below a Jack, in the anticipation that the flop shall deliver a Three of a Kind. In a technical sense, the mathematical or “Direct” odds of this occurring is approximately 7.5 – 1; meaning that, on average, for every 14 pocket pairs a player is dealt, the flop shall return a Three of a Kind twice.

In poker, odds are more than mathematical, and “Implied Odds” contribute toward winning or losing a round. Implied odds refers to factors which are attributed to an opponent, such as their style of play (if an opponent is a bluffer or safe-player), how much money is available post-flop, and the possibility that an opponent has a higher hand, amongst a myriad of other factors. Implied odds ought to be thought of as the human element of poker. It assesses the probability that a player can outwit their opponent; however, the assessment of implied odds is developed by skill and experience, rather than taught.

Once the flop has returned a Three of a Kind, a player must tread carefully and build the pot to maximise their potential returns. Large bets post-flop may dissuade opponents, and a minute call is the preferred option. If, however, the flop does not return a Three of a Kind, the player must determine whether or not to fold. The desired outcome is to continue playing, and hence, it is sometimes better to fold and strategically retain money for future rounds. If, however, the player believes that their pocket pair is better than their opponent’s hands, then a continuation is appropriate.

Poker Articles retains an abundance of poker tips and strategies, ranging from beginner’s guides, through to advanced considerations. Strategy separates poker players from a pot-luck novice, and if a player wishes to stop playing like an amateur and start winning like a professional, they ought to incorporate strategy and thought into their poker rounds.